Melon Cleopatra F1 Seeds

Melon Cleopatra F1

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Seed / Treated / 1,000 Seeds 1 to 4 $80.95
Seed / Treated / 1,000 Seeds 10 or more $58.08
Seed / Treated / 1,000 Seeds 5 to 9 $65.20

Cleopatra melon offers growers consistent fruit set, good size and great eating quality for an early variety. The 4-6 lb. fruit have a tight seed cavity and a firm but delicious salmon colored flesh. Their exteriors have slight ribs and are covered with medium netting. Cleopatra is a great melon for local delivery, roadside stands or farmers' market sales. Resistant to FW (0,1,2) and Powdery mildew (1,2).