Potato Kennebec

Potato Kennebec

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Enjoy large potatoes with a delicious taste and an enhanced tolerance to blight with Kennebec seed potatoes for sale from Harris Seeds. This large multipurpose potato is attractive, with light tan skin, attractive white flesh, and uniform appearance. The skin is thin, so it peels quickly and is tender and flavorful when left on the potato. Kennebec is a nice oval potato with shallow eyes for easy washing, smooth peeling, and attractive presentation on the plate. These easily-grown main crop potato plants bring a high and dependable yield of large potatoes, and they resist blight and other diseases well. Tubers store well through the winter. Kennebec's' rich potato taste and consistent large size make them popular not only with home cooks but also in the culinary world. Finer restaurants are listing "Kennebec Fries" on their menus, and using Kennebecs for mashed, baked, and breakfast potatoes as well. Perennial in Zones 3 - 9. 3 lb. bags contain approximately 15-20 seed potatoes.

Kennebec Potato Growing Tips

A few days before planting your Kennebec seed potatoes, you can take a sharp and clean knife to divide the larger ones into two separate pieces. Each piece should be 1 1/2 to 2 inches in size and contain at least one bud or "eye." After dividing these potatoes, a thick callus will form to ensure the potatoes stay healthy after planting.

You can plant your order of 3 or 50 lbs. of Kennebec seed potatoes as soon as you can work the soil in early spring. Look for evenly moist soil with good drainage that isn't overly wet or soggy. Once the plant reaches 6 inches tall, begin the hilling process. Repeat every few weeks. When the foliage starts to yellow and wilt, it's time to harvest and enjoy your potatoes in dishes such as roasts and stews.

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