Simply Salad Global Gourmet Mix Seeds

Simply Salad Global Gourmet Mix

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Size Quantity Price Each
Seed / Multi-Pelleted / 100 Seeds 1 to 9 $15.45
Seed / Multi-Pelleted / 100 Seeds 10 or more $10.92

A mix of Asian flavors and herbs for use in salads or stir-fry. The mix includes lettuces, brassicas and Asian herbs and offers different leaf textures in shades of greens and bronze. These unique multi-seeded pellets contain 5 to 7 seeds each of different greens for easy production or baby leaf greens in a small container. A special benefit is that the various seeds in each pellet germinates around the same time, ensuring that maturity is even at sales time. These greens prefer a cooler climate for germination and growth, so bottom heat is not required. In a couple of weeks, baby greens are ready for sales to the home gardener. When the plants reach 6" in height, the greens can be snipped 1" above the soil line. New growth regenerates in three weeks for a continual harvest and each planting can be harvested two to three times. Sow approximately 5 to 6 pellets per 12" diameter container.