Pepper Orange Blaze F1 Seeds

Pepper Orange Blaze F1

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Seed / Treated / 250 Seeds 1 to 3 $57.95
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Seed / Treated / 250 Seeds 4 to 19 $46.25

Although colored peppers can be difficult to grow, the All America Selections winner Orange Blaze solves that problem. This variety proved itself a winner in All America Selections Trialing Grounds across North America due to early maturity, sweet flavor and disease resistance. It matured to a beautiful orange color earlier than the comparisons. Expect sweet flavor at full orange color about 68 days from transplant. Orange Blaze produces 3 to 4" long fruit about 1-1/2" wide with 2-3 lobes. High resistance to Bacterial Leaf Spot (races 0-3, 7, 8) and Tobacco Mosaic Virus.