Radish Red Satin F1

Radish Red Satin F1

Size Quantity Price Each
Seed / Treated / 100,000 Seeds 1 to 4 $128.00
Seed / Treated / 100,000 Seeds 5 or more $118.00
Seed / Untreated / 20,000 Seeds 1 to 4 $29.65
Seed / Untreated / 20,000 Seeds 5 or more $25.60

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This hybrid radish has performed well in plantings around the U.S. Red Satin produces uniform, round roots that have a bright red color, extremely white interiors and refined taproots. The bulb forms quickly and has excellent holding ability without getting pithy. The medium-sized tops are a medium deep green color and have a strong attachment. A great variety for bunching, cello packs and the slicing market.