Salvia Evolution Violet Seed Seeds

Salvia Evolution Violet Seed

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AAS Winner
The Evolution Violet Salvia has won awards and accolades for its deep purple blooms. This flower will be a hit in your home gardening or commercial selling ventures.

The Evolution Salvia's sophisticated, vibrant hue lasts throughout the growing season. Once this salvia begins to blossom, you will notice it immediately, and its outdoor performance persists for months.

Getting the Most From Your Beautiful Salvia Evolution

The Salvia Evolution in a violet-blue shade is generally easy to cultivate. Germination takes around 10 to 14 days, and you can expect the flowers to mature in about 100 days. Expect the saturated, abundant flower spikes to reach between six and seven inches.

If you're interested in displaying your Salvia Evolution on a patio or you want to resale plants, grow your salvia in six-inch pots. The Violet Evolution Salvia is an annual plant, so purchase new seeds each year to maintain your flowerbed. Growing to sell in your garden center? Salvia Evolution is recommended for 6" pot production and saleable within 100 days.

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