Petunia Limbo GP Blue Vein F1 Seed Seeds

Petunia Limbo GP Blue Vein F1 Seed

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Seed / Untreated Pelleted / 500 Seeds 1 $12.57
Seed / Untreated Pelleted / 500 Seeds 2 or more $11.75

Low Grow Approved. Limbo GP presents the next generation of the popular Limbo series. This genetically dwarf grandiflora series really pays for itself in production without sacrificing appearance and performance. Large, grandiflora-sized light blue flowers with darker veins cover a dwarf plant habit, and when other petunias stretch, the Limbos will not. "GP" in this series stands for garden performance, thus the plants remain compact in packs and pots, but with a slightly more vigorous spread in the garden and landscape. Limbo GP Blue Vein petunias are genetically dwarf nature translates to no growth regulators in production, and the plant habit still remains lower to the ground in garden beds, presenting a neat and tidy appearance.

Color: Grow light blue petunias w/darker veins
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