Perennial Pot 1 Qt.

Perennial Pot 1 Qt.

When growing plants in containers, you need a dependable pot with good drainage. Appreciate our one-quart pot plant — it's sturdy enough to hold many varieties, and its size is perfect for plenty of growing needs.

Made in the U.S. from high-grade polypropylene, this quart-size planting pot is perfect for commercial or home garden uses. Pot measures 4 3/4" tall and 4 3/8" across. You can transplant rapidly maturing seedlings with ease or start large vegetable plants with confidence. Transfer plants to this larger container before transplanting outside to ensure proper root growth and plant vigor. It's simple to use and reuse this quart-size plant pot.

Many Uses for a Quart Size Plant Pot

These quart pots have thin walls that are designed to handle normal growing wear. You can clean up pots between uses. They stack and store efficiently, saving you time and space, and are ideal for growing and starting all sorts of plants and flowers.

We aim to bring you premium seeds and products to enhance your garden or commercial growing experience. Purchase as many quart pots as needed for your plants today from Harris Seeds.

1 Each (901 SKU size) = Case of 475
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