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Recommended Substitutes for Mirai Sweet Corn Seed Varieties

by Kristen Andersen

The Mirai® Sweet Corn seed breeding lines have been a popular choice for growers, but in recent years production challenges, seed crop failures, and the seed no longer being produced by the supplier have made it increasingly difficult for Harris Seeds to source the high quality Mirai® Sweet Corn seed that meets our valued customers’ expectations.

To guarantee that only the best quality Sweet Corn seed is available for your production, we’ve made the difficult decision to remove the Mirai® Sweet Corn series from the Harris Seeds product line. We hope to re-introduce this series with confidence in the future, and we will let you know when that happens.

To assist you in this transition, recommended substitute sweet corn seed varieties are described below. We hope you will find these suggestions helpful as you plan your next growing season, and welcome your questions or concerns regarding this change.

Sweet Corn Raquel

Recommended substitutes for Sweet Corn Mirai 421W: 
Sweet Corn 3572 VX F1Sweet Corn Natalie F1, and Sweet Corn XTH3674 F1

Recommended substitutes for Sweet Corn Mirai 315 BC:
Sweet Corn Rosie F1Sweet Corn XTH20173 F1, and Sweet Corn Nirvana F1

Recommended substitutes for Sweet Corn Mirai 308 BC:
Sweet Corn XTH20173 F1, Sweet Corn Raquel F1, and Sweet Corn Rainier F1

Recommended substitutes for Sweet Corn Mirai 301 BC:
Sweet Corn Caliber XR F1Sweet Corn Flagler F1, and Sweet Corn American Dream F1

Recommended substitutes for Sweet Corn Mirai 160 Y:
Sweet Corn Vision F1

Recommended substitutes for Sweet Corn Mirai 130 Y:
Sweet Corn XTH1273 F1Sweet Corn Tenacity F1and Sweet Corn Candice F1

Kristen Andersen is the Vegetable Manager at Harris Seeds and GardenTrends. She has a Master’s Degree in Plant Breeding and Horticulture from Michigan State University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Science from SUNY Cobleskill. Kristen comes from a multi-generational farm where she developed a passion for agriculture and gardening.


Dec 29, 2020

Silver Queen is available here:

Harris Seeds
Sep 09, 2020

Looking for mirai
Isweet corn.did sometj
Hing happen n.

Jim wagner
Dec 29, 2020

What about Silver Queen corn? Will it ever be produced again? Or did it di along with Mirai?

Jan 15, 2020

Sorry to hear about my beloved Mirai. Hopefully it will be available sometime in the future.

Bob Doyon
Dec 28, 2019

Thank you all for your interest in Mr. Mini Mirai Sweet Corn. We agree, it was a great variety! Unfortunately, it is unlikely that the variety will be returning, and due to its small size there are not many varieties like it. A couple of varieties to try in its place are Vision F1, a high quality yellow supersweet or American Dream F1, a bicolor supersweet with a slightly smaller ear, though not as small as Mr. Mini Mirai.

Harris Seeds
Dec 28, 2019

Any hope of seeing Mini Mirai produced in the future? It was a customer favorite.


andy metz
Dec 28, 2019

can you recommend a replacement for mr. mini mirai corn

wayne fussell

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