Annual Cut Flower Seeds

Harris Seeds offers a wide selection of annual cut flowers for both home gardeners and professional growers. Gardeners can grow cut flowers in an island bed, along a wall, or interspersed with other annuals to be brought in later for bouquets and indoor enjoyment. Professional growers can grow these varieties for farmers' markets and roadside stands. Vegetable farmers can supplement their primary business with cut flowers, and retail garden centers can grow cuts to extend their selling season beyond the bedding plant season.

Annual Cut Flower Seeds

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Harris Seeds is a leading cut flower seed supplier in the United States. We carry a comprehensive collection of annual cut flowers for all to enjoy growing. With all the varieties we have, you are sure to find unique flowers.


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Discover new annual cut flowers when you purchase seeds from Harris Seeds. We are a cut flower seed company committed to helping growers of all experiences find success growing their flowers. Buy annual cut flower seeds today!


We have many cut flower seeds for sale at Harris Seeds. Our selection of seeds showcases the diverse array of flowers available to grow in different parts of the country. Some of the annual cut flower seeds we offer include:

  • Sunflowers: One of our top-selling options is our vast selection of sunflower seeds. Our selection includes seeds like American Giant, Zohar, Goldy Double and numerous other varieties.
  • Zinnias: Add bright, bold colors to your cut flower arrangement by growing zinnias from seeds. We carry top-selling Benary's Giant Zinnia seeds and many other varieties.
  • Celosia: Choose celosia seeds for flowers with velvety, vibrant blooms. We have single-seed varieties and seed mixes to meet all your needs.
  • Snapdragons: Snapdragon flowers make a stunning addition to any cut flower arrangement. Choose from snapdragon seeds like the Rocket series or one of our numerous snapdragon seed mixes.
  • Marigolds: Marigold flowers are bright, hardy and easy to grow. Our marigold seed selection includes African, French and triploid marigold seeds.

Stay updated with all the seeds we have available for the new year. Learn about the top seed varieties in the market and new garden supplies to help your business blossom. You can also read updated, helpful market tips and reference charts throughout the catalog. Add a free vegetable and cut flower seed catalog to your next order!