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10 pumpkin variations

10 pumpkin variations

Cut flowers have been gaining popularity for years, and now, thanks to social media and popular cut flower influencers, are becoming a staple in homes across the nation. Cuts are being grown as a hobby in backyards and as a source of income in professional fields, and are used as a simple table centerpiece or a bride's stunning wedding bouquet. If you're considering growing cuts or are looking to expand your selection, take a look at these top-selling varieties.

Zinnia Benary's Giant Mix

This series of giant dahlia-flowered zinnias is an excellent choice for both cut flower growers and garden centers who sell to gardeners wanting cuts. Benary's Giant Mix produces long, thick stems that are less likely to bend when being cut than other zinnias. The 3 to 4" flowers are produced in clear, bright uniform colors that catch the eye. This series was selected for its greater tolerance to diseases than other cut flower zinnias and longer vase life. It is a must for any grower producing annual cuts.

Sunflower Zohar F1 Organic

Sunflower Zohar F1 Organic is a pollen-free hybrid that is an improvement over Jerusalem Gold in color and earliness. The mid-height single stemmed plants produce flowers with crisp clean orange-gold petals and a dark disk. Flower diameter is approximately 4-6", and can expand to 7 to 8" if plants are spaced further apart. Zohar has been produced organically, and is certified as organic seed. For organic producers, it is the best variety to grow that are closest to the market leading Sunrich Orange and Pro Cut Orange. Matures in approximately 40-50 days.

Cosmos Sensation Mix

Cosmos, long considered an old fashioned flower, always adds a delightful touch to gardens with their airy, lacy habit. Finely cut foliage and bright 2” flowers make Cosmos Sensation Mix an outstanding background flowering annual. The full, bushy plants produce attractive, airy flowers in shades of pink, plum, rose and crimson.

Aster Giant Ray Mix

Asters are considered an old fashioned flower that still maintains a good deal of popularity.The very striking, finely pointed quilled petals on the Aster Giant Ray Mix are the trait that sells this Aster variety. Highly double 5 to 5-1/2" flowers are borne on bushy, well-branched plants. Colors include mid blue, primrose, red, silver blue, silver rose, and white.

Snapdragon Rocket Mix F1

Snapdragon Rocket Mix F1, an outstanding heat-tolerant strain, has been a grower favorite for years. A super garden performer, the plants produce tall spikes that display bright, closely set florets on sturdy stems. Used frequently for field grown cut flowers.

Celosia Dragon's Breath

Celosia Dragon’s Breath was the talk of the California Spring trials circuit! Contrary to the low growing early blooming celosia’s typically on the market, this variety is vigorous and blooms later, but puts on a fantastic show of color for mid-late summer and early fall. Extra-large brilliant red plumes are a lovely foil to the maroon foliage. Dragon’s Breath celosia is perfectly suited for 10” to gallon containers and looks marvelous in large landscape beds.

Echinacea Cheyenne Spirit Mix

This All America Selections award winning echinacea mixture captures the hearts and attention of garden lovers as they browse through retail garden displays next spring! For the first time, a mixture of brilliant color in this genus is available from seed, featuring plants in those sought-after shades of red, orange, purple, scarlet, cream, yellow and white. Superior genetics creates highly branched plants, putting on more flowers per plant than ever before and providing high color impact landscapes and full flowering containers at retail. Cheyenne Spirit Echinacea flowers first year from seed, allowing growers and retailers to offer it in quarts, gallons and larger containers in full flower. Landscapers and consumers are drawn to the color opportunities of this fantastic mix, and also appreciate the overwintering performance of the drought tolerant plants.

Gomphrena Ping Pong Purple

Gomphrena Ping Pong Purple delivers an explosion of color in containers and mass plantings. It also adds height and dimension, making it terrific as a garden cut flower, fresh or dried. Strong basal branching plants produce strong stems and a good vase life. Other benefits include easy production, drought tolerance and few maintenance requirements.

Daucus Dara

Daucus Dara is an intriguing novelty for cut flower growers, and it drew a number of nods from growers at the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers conference this year. Dara produces 4-5" flower panicles that are typical of carrot flowers, but with an intriguing color range of soft, pale pink to rich, dark purple. Lend an airy touch to mixed bouquets by using Dara as a filler.

Helichrysum Double Mixed Colors

Helichrysum Double Mixed Colors is a cut flower grower’s staple, producing tall vigorous branching plants that are filled with large papery flowers. Flowers can be sold either fresh or dried, and make a colorful accent in mixed bouquets.

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