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Nearly every vegetable grower plants tomatoes as the anchor crop for a bountiful harvest. Whether you have a large space for growing tomato plants or have a small patio, you can enjoy fresh tomatoes all summer long. In fact, the versatility of tomatoes is one of their most attractive attributes.

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Tomato Seeds

Our Bestselling Tomato Varieties

Having trouble deciding between all the high-quality tomato seeds for sale at Harris Seeds? You can’t go wrong with these bestsellers:

Best Sellers For Commercial Field Growers

  • Red Deuce F1: Globe-shaped extra-large fruit has good eating quality and uniformity. A top performer in the open field and high tunnel settings. 
  • Mountain Fresh Plus F1: A high-yielding variety with extra-large high-quality fruit and strong disease resistance. 
  • Primo Red F1: An early variety with smooth, firm, deep red fruit set on compact plants. Favored for its strong disease package, flavor, and yield. 

Best Sellers For Bedding Plant Growers and Home Gardeners

  • Jet Star F1: Bright red fruit with a pleasant flavor, Jet Star is known for its abundant yields. It’s a vigorous tomato plant with a low acid content.
  • Big Beef F1 Seed: This AAS-winning tomato variety hits all the right notes. The flavorful fruit are produced on vigorous disease-resistant plants.
  • Supersonic F1: Large meaty tomatoes have an oblate shape and top quality. A versatile variety favored by gardeners for many years.

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How to Plant and Grow Tomatoes

As you begin to shop tomato seeds for growing, you’ll notice that you have lots of choices. Consider the points below when choosing the perfect varieties.

You don’t need a huge plot of land to grow tomatoes year after year. Some tomatoes can be grown easily in a planter on a porch. Look for container and hanging basket varieties or varieties with a determinate habit.

Consider the plant habit of the varieties you choose to determine the amount of space and support they will need. Indeterminate varieties require more space and additional support from staking, tomato cages, or a trellis. Determinate varieties are more compact and do not require support, though they can still provide many benefits.

Climate plays a role in the success of growing any type of plant, including tomatoes. While all tomatoes require full sun and warm temperatures for healthy growth, some varieties are more suited to certain climates than others.

When selecting varieties, carefully read the descriptions and quick reference charts to determine the best disease resistance package for you. For easy comparisons, see the Tomato Quick Reference Chart, as well as our top picks for disease resistances.

One of the biggest perks to growing tomatoes is being able to eat them raw or use them in your favorite recipes. When choosing varieties, consider how you plan to use the tomatoes and your preferences of size, texture, and flavor. For example, Cherry tomatoes are small and sweet, perfect for snacking and topping salads, and Roma tomatoes are dense with a robust flavor that is well suited to cooking and canning.