Zucchini Seeds

Zucchini is the most widely grown summer squash. Here we offer medium-green and dark green zucchini squash seed varieties. Many have conventionally bred resistance/intermediate resistance to virus and powdery mildew.

Zucchini Seeds

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At Harris Seeds, we have many green zucchini varieties ready to ship to your home or commercial garden. We help you save money on your order with bulk quantity discounts and other great deals.

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Green zucchini is a delicious summer staple for home gardens, farmers' markets and roadside stands. These fruits have tender skin, white flesh and small seeds — all of which are edible. Green zucchini is prolific and hardy. You can grow it in virtually any size garden, with many varieties well-suited to small-space gardens.

When you shop green zucchini seeds, choose from top-sellers like:

  • Squash Zucchini Elite F1 Seed: Zucchini Elite F1 seeds set the standard for medium green zucchini. They offer incredible yields and are easy to pick.
  • Squash Green Machine F1 Seed: Green Machine is a widely adaptable, high-yielding zucchini with a medium-dark green color. As a semi-open plant, it makes for an easy harvest and has an exceptional disease package.

Squash Reward F1 Seed: Squash Reward green squash is a high-yielding plant that's quick to harvest and highly adaptable to double-row planting. It is excellent to grow from summer into fall when disease pressures are strongest.