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Exciting & New Organic Offerings for 2018

It's official! The 2018 Harris Seeds Organic Catalog has been printed and mailed! While it's only our second year producing a separate organic catalog, the organic program is thriving and has many new varieties and exciting offerings for 2018! These varieties have been trialed and have stood out as the most successful producers, with the best flavor and disease resistance. We are making organic more affordable as well. With the some of the best prices in the country, it will make growing sustainable for your wallet too!

2018 Organic Seed Catalog

With over 90 new organic vegetable and cut flower varieties for 2018, you have some difficult decisions to make! Try growing the new AAS Winner Red Racer Tomato or Teddy Bear Sunflower this season. Or perhaps grow some delicious Double Red Sweet Corn!

Veronica Cauliflower Teddy Bear Sunflower Seeds

New OMRI listed and certified organic gardening supplies are available, like the new Sustane 4-6-4 All Natural Flower & Vegetable Plant Food & Fertilizer.


Trying to get into the micro green market? Why not grow on the OMRI approved substrate Puregrown Hemp. It allows for breathability and fast root growth. You can cut the sheets to fit your clam shells and sell while they are still growing to ensure longer shelf life.


Puregrown 750 Hemp Sheets

The introduction of organic cover crops is brand new to our product line for 2018. Cover crops can be planted in your fields in between plantings to replenish the soil for next season and to increase the overall yields of your crops. Our 25 pound packages and quantity discounts make it affordable and simplistic on planting what you need, and avoid waste.

Cover Crops

Request your catalog here to see the full organic product listing as well as learn more about organic growing. Stay tuned for more announcements as we will continue to add new and exciting collections throughout the year!

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Daniel Eggert is the Organic Brand Manager at Harris Seeds/GardenTrends. He oversees the organic division which includes expanding the product line, contacting growers to ensure their success, helping with trial varieties, and expanding the brand presence within the organic community. Daniel is passionate about sustainability, becoming self-sufficient, and studying permaculture/biodynamic practices. He loves working at Harris Seeds and helping growers achieve success.

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