Baby Cucumber Seeds

Baby cucumber seeds have gained popularity for providing snacking cucumbers to grocery stores and markets once matured and harvested. Customers love these miniature varieties for their compact size and smooth, nonbitter skin. Grow your small snacking cucumber seeds in the field or high tunnel and pick daily for high-yielding results and top-quality produce.

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Baby Cucumber Seeds

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Growing Baby Cucumber Seeds

Here are a few guidelines for growing miniature cucumber seeds:

  • Sowing time: Plant the seeds outdoors after the last spring frost. You only need to plant them indoors if you live in a region with an extremely short growing season.
  • Soil temperatures: Your soil should ideally lie between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Cucumbers thrive in relatively warm temperatures. 
  • Soil conditions: Your plants' soil should be well draining with a pH around 6.5 and 7.0 and be fertile — add some aged manure or compost to enrich the soil before planting.
  • Harvesting: Don’t keep your baby cucumbers on the vine too long because consistent harvesting encourages flowering and new fruit. Most miniature cucumbers take between 45 to 50 maturation days.

Sunlight: Small cucumbers do well when getting maximum sunlight. They require between six to eight hours a day.