Sweet Corn Biotech Protector F1 Seed Seeds

Sweet Corn Biotech Protector F1 Seed

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Biotech sweet corn has been bioengineered to exhibit specific traits that are not found in conventional varieties, including resistance to insect pests and tolerance to specific formulations of herbicide. These traits result in plants with strong inherent protection to insect pests, particularly lepidoptera species, with reduced use of insecticides, as well as greater flexibility in weed management.

Protector is a well-adapted variety that provides consistently high yields of uniform ears with great tip fill, rowing, and husk cover. The ears are suited to both fresh market and shipping, and have supersweet quality. With a combined front of the Attribute®II trait stack and a strong disease resistance package, Protector offers continual profit opportunities for growers. High resistance to NCLB, SCLB, Common Rust (Rp1-D, Rp1-I), Stewart’s Wilt, and MDMV.

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