Melothria Mouse Melon Seed Seeds
Melothria Mouse Melon Seed
Melothria Mouse Melon Seed
Melothria Mouse Melon Seed

Melothria Mouse Melon Seed

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Magnificently dainty, the mouse melon plant has earned a reputation for being a must-add in any field or garden. Whether you want to offer buyers a trendy fruit or are interested in planting something unusual in your home garden, the mouse melon is a great choice.

What Is a Mouse Melon?

Native to Mexico, the mouse melon is also known as a Mexican sour gherkin or cucamelon. This plant is decorative, and the green-striped fruit is great for pickling, cooking and eating fresh like in salads and cocktails. You can even use the mouse melon's vines in cut flower arrangements!

Growing Tips for the Mouse Melon Plant

The mouse melon grows on a pretty, abundant vine and looks somewhat like a small-scale, green-white striped watermelon. Each mouse melon seed can germinate in as little as a week, and the fruit should be ready to harvest in approx. 70 days.

To get the best performance from your Mouse Melon plant, be sure to trellis it. Trellised mouse melons make great displays and streamline the annual harvesting process.

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