Pepper Sweety F1 Seed Seeds

Pepper Sweety F1 Seed

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Seed / Treated / 250 Seeds 1 to 3 $37.45
Seed / Treated / 250 Seeds 20 or more $22.09
Seed / Treated / 250 Seeds 4 to 19 $29.21

Seed / Treated / 250 Seeds - ON SALE - SAVE 15 %
Sweety is a miniature sweet pepper that produces some of the sweetest peppers we have ever tasted. Its medium size plant produces good yields of fruit that measure approximately 4" long x 1.25" wide at the crown and taper to a blunt point. Sweety's green fruit ripen to a glossy red color and have thin crunchy walls. Fruit size can vary depending on growing conditions. Resistant to TMV
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