Tall Pollen-Free Sunflower Seeds

When you're looking for pollen-free sunflower seeds for planting, Harris Seeds has you covered. The most popular sunflowers have been bred to be male sterile, or pollen-free to help foster the nice clean appearance of flower heads that the cut flower trade has come to demand. Pollen-free sunflowers are popular with wholesalers, florists, Farmers’ Markets and are great additions to CSA’s. Nothing expresses the essence of summer better than a bunch of bright cheery clean sunflowers!

Tall Pollen-Free Sunflower Seeds

Buy pollen-free sunflower seeds for growing and farming today!

Sunflowers for Cut Flower Sales - Guide

Sow Depth: 1” deep. Soil Temp.: 50-80°F Field Spacing: Single Stem 4-6” Branching 12-24” Harvest: When petal color is just visible.

Single stem varieties are best for high-density plantings that will produce tall stems. Branching varieties produce multiple shorter stems over the season, and need more spacing in the field.

When you want to farm sunflowers, pollenless sunflower seeds are an excellent option. Whether you plant the seeds to create a field of sunflowers for people to visit or cut them for trade, you can benefit from growing sunflowers without pollen. Buy pollen-free sunflower seeds for farming to start cultivating your sunflower field.

At Harris Seeds, we offer many types of plantable pollen-free sunflower seeds for sale. Our sunflower seeds come in all kinds of colors, so you can grow yellow, red, white or hybrid blooms. Some of the varieties we carry include: