Lettuce Super Jericho MTO Seeds
Lettuce Super Jericho MTO
Lettuce Super Jericho MTO

Lettuce Super Jericho MTO

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Quantity Discounts
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Seed / Organic / 10,000 Seeds 1 to 4 $35.78
Seed / Organic / 10,000 Seeds 10 or more $30.40
Seed / Organic / 10,000 Seeds 5 to 9 $32.20

Super Jericho was developed to endure the heat of summer in arid regions of the world. It performs extremely well during the heat of the summer here in the US while retaining the sweet, crisp texture that it’s known for. It has also performed well in cool season plantings. Super Jericho produces sturdy, robust plants with large, light green leaves that are succulent, sweet and crisp. Resistant to tipburn and lettuce mosaic virus.