Watermelon Mini Love F1

Watermelon Mini Love F1

Size Quantity Price Each
Seed / Treated / 500 Seeds 1 $90.00
Seed / Treated / 500 Seeds 10 or more $70.95
Seed / Treated / 500 Seeds 2 to 9 $79.70

Mini Love is a personal-size seeded watermelon and a 2017 All-America Selections award winner. Compact plants can yield up to 6 fruit per plant that weigh 7-9 lbs. Mini Love has a Crimson Sweet rind pattern and sweet, crisp, red flesh, with few seeds. The fruit hold well and the plants offer intermediate resistance to Anthracnose.

Waiver Required: To order a 1/4 lb or 500 seeds or more of this variety, please fill out our Watermelon Waiver and e-mail, FAX, or mail it back to us within 30 days. Shipments cannot be made until we receive your form. A new signed form is required every year.


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