Sunflower SunFill™ Purple F1 Seeds

Sunflower SunFill™ Purple F1

Seed / Untreated / 250 Seeds - ON SALE - SAVE 10 %
Seed / Untreated / 1,000 Seeds - ON SALE - SAVE 10 %
A unique addition to bouquets, harvest in pre-bloom stage for a look similar to artichokes. Though they do open to bloom, the petals are quite short, so the emphasis is on the calyx and disk. Daylength neutral. Single stem. Many sunflowers are bred to be male sterile, or pollen-free, to help foster the nice clean appearance of flower heads that wholesalers and florists have come to demand. Nothing expresses the essence of summer better than a bunch of bright cheery clean sunflowers! Single stem varieties are best for high density plantings to produce tall stems, while the branching types produce multiple shorter stems over the season. These need more spacing in the field.