Squash Hurakan F1 Seed Seeds

Squash Hurakan F1 Seed

Grey zucchini is a staple of Mexican and Latin diets. Hurakan is a adaptable squash variety that produces big yields of fruit on semi-erect bush plants that offer good protection to the fruit. The grey-green fruit have light flecking, thin dark green stripes and are best when harvested at 6" in length. The bulbous fruit of Hurakan squash have a good shelf life after harvest and retain their shiny appearance on the shelf too. Intermediate resistance to powdery mildew.

Squash Seeds for Mexican and Latin Diets

Hurakan squash is a hybrid variety of Mexican gray squash. The hybrid seeds produce plants with certain plant traits and yield fruit with a sweet, creamy texture unmatched in Latin cuisine.

Grey zucchini produces a whipped, silky texture that pairs well with some savory, spicy Mexican flavors. Cook Hurakan squash in soups or stews, with salsa or cream, steamed or stuffed.

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