Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow F1 Seed Seeds
Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow F1 Seed
Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow F1 Seed

Tomato Tumbling Tom Yellow F1 Seed

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Seed / Untreated / 500 Seeds 1 $37.04
Seed / Untreated / 500 Seeds 10 or more $28.89
Seed / Untreated / 500 Seeds 2 to 9 $31.11

With their mild flavor and brilliant looks, golden Tumbling Tom Tomatoes are perfect for your hanging basket. As they grow, Tumbling Tom tomatoes cascade over the top of the basket in a cheery yellow display. Tumbling Toms are ideal fruit plants for patios, decks, porches and smaller spaces.

Enjoy an abundance of fresh 1-2" tomatoes all season long by planting Tumbling Tom tomato seeds. You'll be rewarded with fruit throughout the summer months and visual delight in your outdoor displays.

Features and Growing Details

Like Tumbling Tom Red Tomatoes, this yellow variety germinates reliably and produces plants reaching up to 20 inches long. You will need a 12-15 inch basket per plant to dependably harvest Tumbling Toms during the warmest time of the year.

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At Harris Seeds, we offer Tumbling Toms for commercial and personal use. They're a customer favorite — you'll understand why after your first season! Pick up seed packets confidently from Harris Seeds and fill your hanging garden with quality produce.
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