Zinnia Benary's Giant Salmon Rose Seeds

Zinnia Benary's Giant Salmon Rose

Size Quantity Price Each
Seed / Untreated / 250 Seeds 1 to 3 $8.45
Seed / Untreated / 250 Seeds 20 or more $6.30
Seed / Untreated / 250 Seeds 4 to 19 $7.40

Benary's Giant Salmon Rose zinnia seeds produce giant dahlia-flowered zinnias and is an excellent choice for both cut flower growers and garden centers who sell to gardeners wanting cuts. The Benary's series produces long, thick stems that are less likely to bend when being cut than other zinnias. The 3 to 4" flowers are produced in clear, bright uniform colors that catch the eye. This zinnia series was selected for its greater tolerance to diseases than other cut flower zinnias and longer vase life. It is a must for any grower producing annual cuts.

Color: Salmon Rose