Strawberry Tristar

Strawberry Tristar

Size Quantity Price Each
Plant / Bare Root (For Gardeners) / 50 Count 1 $22.95
Plant / Bare Root (For Gardeners) / 50 Count 2 or more $21.95

Superb flavor distinguishes Tristar strawberries from others-it is always delicious! The strawberry plants are disease resistant and produce the largest and most flavorful berries of all the ever bearing varieties. It is the standard strawberry for day neutral production in the northeast. Tristar strawberry plants bear a large crop in spring and six more moderate flushes during summer and autumn. High temperatures up to 95° F do not affect these plants; they just keep producing and producing. It will keep you in berries long after the June bearers have set their last! Ever bearing. Day-neutral. Hardiness zones 4-8.

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