Sprouts Seeds

Many consider sprouts a "super-food" because they have such high nutrient value. Sprout seeds are quick and easy to grow year-round in your kitchen and — in most cases — without the need for special grow lights! Fresh sprouts may be especially pleasing in the winter when it's too cold to grow veggies outdoors. Enjoy them raw in sandwiches and salads, as a snack or in homemade soups.

Sprouts Seeds

At Harris Seeds, we collaborate with a trustworthy sprout seeds supplier to ensure high germination rates and pathogen-free seeds. Most of our seeds are also USDA-certified organic. We dedicate ourselves to providing a wide selection of the highest-quality seeds available, each with a unique flavor. Enjoy!

Note: To preserve health and quality, only use seeds that have been prepared for sprouting. Ordinary garden seeds may produce sprouts that are unsuitable or unsafe for eating.

Why wait to enjoy fresh, homegrown sprouts? With Harris Seeds, you'll receive tried and tested seeds at fair prices. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional, we have the supplies you need to succeed. We've proudly served growers like you since 1879. Purchase your wholesale sprout seeds today!

Sprouts Growing Guide

Sprouts come in numerous forms for any garden and palate. Gardeners like you love varieties like:

Spicy mix: Add a pleasant kick to salads, soups and other meals with this radish and clover combo.

  • Easy
  • Affordable
  • Healthy
  • Available Year-round
  • Space and time-efficient

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