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Bicolor sweet corn varieties are by far the most popular color class of sweet corn on the market. Whether your market demands sugary enhanced, synergistic se or augmented supersweet varieties, Harris Seeds offers an exceptional lineup of bicolor varieties for your planting needs. This year’s lineup offers close to 50 varieties from which to choose.

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Bicolor Sweet Corn Seeds

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Bicolor sweet corn is a popular choice for growers. With our wide selection of bicolor corn seeds, growers can find the specific type that works best for them. Here are some of our most popular sweet bicolor corn seeds for sale:

The sugary enhanced and synergistic se classes of sweet corn are still some of the most widely grown varieties. These classes tend to be a little more forgiving when used early in the season and they also solve the problem of isolation that is needed for the supersweets. However, many growers now realize the advantages of growing supersweet bicolor varieties for their roadside stands, farmers’ markets, for supplying local markets, and for shipping. 

With the introduction of the augmented supersweet varieties, growers are experiencing repeat business because they offer these outstanding varieties. Augmented supersweets give you the tenderness that the consumer now demands coupled with exceptional sweetness and flavor. 

Discover for yourself the difference that these bicolor corn seed varieties will bring to your business.