Corn, Sweet Corn Seeds

Look to Harris Seeds for the best selection of sweet corn seed varieties around. Choose from over 85 sweet corn seed varieties - bicolor sweet corn, yellow sweet corn and white sweet corn. A wide variety of genetic types including normal sugary, sugary enhanced, supersweet, synergistic and Sweet Breed sweet corn seed types are available. We are also now offering a selection of biotech sweet corn seeds. 

We make it easy to shop sweet corn seeds, all in one place. Find corn seeds for sale from Harris Seeds and place your order today!

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Corn, Sweet Corn Seeds

When you're ready to buy corn seeds, you can choose from plenty of varieties. The bestselling sweet corn seeds from our collection include:

  • Yellow sweet corn: Enjoy yellow sweet corn for a traditional taste and look. 
  • White sweet corn: With its creamy hue, white sweet corn offers plump kernels ready to prepare. It's a wonderful counterpart to yellow sweet corn that complements many recipes.
  • Biotech sweet corn: Bioengineering has produced biotech sweet corn to avoid low crop yields and weak crops. This sweet corn offers the resistance and taste you want out of sweet corn.
  • Bicolor sweet corn: Offering the best of all worlds, bicolor sweet corn is a favorite among our customers. Our extensive lineup of bicolor sweet corn types has something for everyone.
  • Quality Elite™ sweet corn: Impressive taste, quality and ear size make Quality Elite sweet corn an in-demand seed type. When you want your yield and results to beat industry standards, trust Quality Elite corn seeds.
  • IFSI Reserve™ sweet corn: This kind of sweet corn has been carefully cultivated through the Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. breeding program. IFSI Reserve sweet corn delivers on every promise, from seedling health to intense kernel flavor. 
  • Nirvana™ Series sweet corn: With the Nirvana Series, you get a supersweet corn variety that's easy to harvest. Expect uniform ear growth and a durable texture that holds its own against other ingredients in recipes.

  • Corn seeds should be planted in a spot that receives full sun, in well-draining soil.
  • Plant sweet corn seeds approximately one inch deep, spaced about 9-12 inches apart
  • Soil should have a temperature of about 60 degrees or above
  • Sweet corn requires frequent watering to produce full, healthy ears. Once the tassels appear, you should provide at least one inch of water per week. Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out between waterings.
  • Cross-pollination between supersweets and other genetic classes will turn corn kernels tough and starchy. This effect works both ways. Since corn is wind-pollinated, the supersweets should be isolated at least 250ft from all other non-sh3 corn (field, su, se, sb, sy, pop, ornamental etc.), use natural wind barriers and/or plant with 10-14 days maturity difference between varieties.