Sweet Corn Double Red Organic Seeds

Sweet Corn Double Red Organic

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Size Quantity Price Each
Seed / Organic / 1,000 Seeds 1 to 4 $21.90
Seed / Organic / 1,000 Seeds 5 or more $15.25

Brilliantly colored kernels in shades of red to purple on beautiful red stalks w/ red husks. High yields from 6-7’ plants. Shows some color variation in stalk and husk color. A delicious early, 6-8” ear of sweet corn that is excellent for eating and good for drying and grinding to make traditional corn flour (dating back to its Hopi ancestry).

We would like to recognize Alan “Mushroom” Kapuler as the breeder of this amazing variety. He has been a plant breeder for over 4 decades, and makes all his material available to the Public Domain.